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Senior Quality Control Specialist

  • Job Tracking ID: 512196-835457
  • Job Location: Scottsdale , RMT
  • Level of Education: Masters Degree
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: December 06, 2022
  • Starting Date: ASAP

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Job Description:

Job Duties:

  • Perform Quality Control of the ISR and Written Opinion of PCT Patent Applications that have been searched and examined by junior and senior level patent analysts. Sampling the search strategy, analysis, and Written Opinion of completed PCT Patent applications and identifying any substantive or formality level quality issues based on search and examination guidelines provided by the USPTO and WIPO. (50%)
  • Communicate identified substantive and formality level issues found in the completed work to the analyst involved and a timeline for necessary revisions. Review revisions and ensure that the work meets all applicable quality requirements (10%).

  • Document Quality Control sampling results and identify work product quality trends of individual analysts and groups of analysts working with technologies related Electrical and Computer Engineering fields (5%).

  • Report Quality Control trends to the GPS technical and executive leadership as based on Key Performance Indicators and provide assessments of these trends to aid in resolution and remediation of any problematic issues (5%).

  • Develop and carry out a sampling strategy to identify and isolate quality issues on the search and examination of PCT Patent applications in the Electrical and Computer Engineering fields.

    Analyze incoming case batches and rate individual cases based on the technical complexity level and potential analyst difficulty level, and schedule quality control reviews of the cases based on identified complexity and difficulty ratings (15%).

  • Develop training methodologies and curriculum based on specifically identified quality issues and facilitate the training and development of new analysts and analysts with an identified development need. Prepare and administer training materials in conjunction with global issues identified within the company regarding quality of deliverables (5%).

  • Perform PCT Search, Examination & Written Opinions. Classify the patent application with the appropriate CPC and IPC classifications. Conduct highly technical electrical research of invention concepts using a variety of databases and compile formal reports and/or Chapter I PCT Search and Examinations to demonstrate findings to clients. Perform searches in the following technological areas: Electrical and Computer Engineering and other related technology (3%).

  • Review and analyze technical literature, including academic articles, patents, and public technical disclosures (2%).

  • Prepare detailed reports (technical analysis reports) regarding research findings in a timely and high-quality manner (2%).

  • Create research strategies that best utilize time and resources when executed (2%).

  • Communicate with clients to effectively review and gain an understanding of technical aspects of client inventions and/or technical search concepts (1 %).

  • Telecommuting is permitted every day of the week within the U.S.

Experience and Skills:

  • Job Requirements:

    • Master’s (or foreign equivalent) degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering or related and 3 years of work experience in the job offered or as a Patent Research Analyst (Electrical Engineer), or related. Some work experience required with:
      1. PCT patent searching and patent examination. 
      2. Programming languages: C, Verilog, VHDL, LabVIEW, Matlab, BASH, PERL, TCL, Assembly, and Python.

     Years of Experience:  3